A video of a young Jonathan Sexton has been released and it's just brilliant
By Rugby Onslaught

A video of a young Jonathan Sexton has been released and it’s just brilliant

A video of a young Jonathan Sexton has emerged on social media and it is going viral for all the right reasons. The clip comes from a TV show on RTE.

A new video has been re-released showing an early interview with Ireland rugby captain Jonathan Sexton.

The video was released on the 21st of March, just a few days ago showing an interview with the Irish rugby legend from 2006.

The Irish star has struggled with fitness recently, he only managed to play a few minutes in the PRO 14 final after receiving a head knock.

The video comes from an Irish kids TV show where a puppet was interviewing Sexton in a funny manner.

The video has already gained thousands of views on YouTube in the eight days since it has been released.

Jonathan Sexton is known as one of if not the most talented rugby players on the planet. He has won multiple Six Nations and Pro 14 titles with Ireland and Leinster throughout his career.

Therefore, it is interesting to see him at such a young age looking so fresh faced.
He is wearing Mary’s rugby shirt while he is doing the interview.

It is commonly known that Marys is by far and away the best rugby club in Ireland, nobody is going to dispute that.

And in the video a young Sexton talks openly about his upcoming rugby career and the excitement that he has at the prospect of playing for Leinster and Ireland in the future.

The video has already got 13,870 views online in just a couple of days.

We would love to find some old footage of other players like Jonny Wilkinson or Dan Biggar!