Ex pro left baffled by one of many blatant reds for Kolbe
By Rugby Onslaught

Ex pro left baffled by one of many blatant reds for Kolbe

Recently retired former England winger Matt Banahan does not get how Cheslin Kolbe got away with his head on head collision with Tom Curry in the second Test on Saturday.

The winger found himself in hot water on a number of occasions at Cape Town Stadium, but this was the first before his tackle in the air on Conor Murray later in the half, in which he was shown a yellow card.

Kolbe ran out the line on the 16th minute to tackle Curry, but came off second best after his head smashed into the Lions flanker’s. As Curry did not dip into the carry, there is a case that Kolbe could have been punished for this. Despite suffering a bleeding nose, the Toulouse winger remained on the pitch.


But in only March this year, Banahan was sent off while playing for Gloucester for another head on head collision against Harlequins. To make matters worse, Banahan was knocked out in the process. He even questioned whether the laws have changed in a matter of months, as he clearly believes both tackles are comparable.

This was his tackle to see whether Banahan has a case or not: