EXCLUSIVE: English teams should get more points for tries in the Champions Cup or something

EXCLUSIVE: English teams should get more points for tries in the Champions Cup or something

Premiership Rugby stakeholders have reacted angrily to the results of the Champions Cup quarter-finals, which somehow saw three Pro14 teams progress to the semi-finals of the competition.

Infuriatingly not a single Premiership team progressed – clear evidence that something is seriously wrong with the structure of the tournament.

A spokesperson for the newly formed Premiership Rugby Organisation for Rugby (EROR) said the Pro14’s success suggests that the competition lacks credibility.

“How could a load of bog-brained, root vegetable obsessed Paddies and Taffs get through and our proud English boys don’t?” bemoaned CEO Nigel Thatcher-Smith. “Our boys just need an even playing field.”

Controversially, Thatcher-Smith believes Premiership sides should be awarded more points for tries because ‘the Premiership has relegation’ and the ‘boys are tired’.

The Premiership successfully re-organised the tournament in 2015/15 in order that Saracens could win and it within the space of two years the policy proved successful.

“With just one Premiership club making the quarters, it’s clear that the changes didn’t go far enough,” said Thatcher-Smith, who warned that the Aviva Premiership and Top14 could form a breakaway tournament if the ‘Celts continue to insist on winning’.

EROR also wish to see the introduction of a number of “wild-card” teams from Kenya, Finland and the RFU Championship in place of the lower seeded Pro14 sides.

Despite lacking the financial clout of the either the Top14 or Premiership and allegedly playing in an inferior league, the Pro14 have managed to dominate European competition this year. Some believe that the Pro14 sides are ‘just playing better’ than their opposition but EROR have dismissed this as nonsense.