EXCLUSIVE: Rugby Onslaught sits down with Twitter's most wanted:  'Jaco Johan'
By Rugby Onslaught

EXCLUSIVE: Rugby Onslaught sits down with Twitter’s most wanted: ‘Jaco Johan’

Despite accusations that he was a ‘burner account’ – Rugby Onslaught’s Investigative Unit can confirm that we have tracked down Springbok Superfan Jaco Johan and that he is very real.

Johan has been posting video clips about the Springbok Lions series, one of which was picked up by South Africa’s Director of Rugby, Rassie Erasmus, who retweeted it over the weekend.

We have now communicated with Jaco Johan via email at jaco.johan@sarugby.co.za and he’s ‘as real as it gets’.

RUGBY ONSLAUGHT QUESTION: Jaco, some people don’t believe you actually exist? What you do you say to these folks?

ANSWER – ┬áJaco Johan (JJ): I can assure you I’m very real. Only the other days I was doing some none Twitter related things. I like watching TV, reading books, walks by the sea with my partner. I don’t just make Twitter videos you know.

RO: Who is your favourite rugby coach?

JJ: That’s an easy one. It’s Rassie Erasmus. The guy’s inspiring and I love how impartial he is after losses. Sometimes I even wonder whether he should speak up more about refereeing decisions after games.

RO: Some people claim that the video you post look remarkably similar to one’s Rassie posts. Even down to the excellent editing.

JJ: Pure coincidence.

RO: But what about the yellow elliptical circles you draw around players in your videos, where did you get the idea for that.

JJ: Actually I got that idea from you guys. It’s super cool.

RO: Agreed on that Jaco. Do you plan on posting more stuff to Twitter?

JJ: Probably not to be honest. Having all these people accusing me of being a burner account is pretty rough I just want to go back to my normal life, which is very much like the lives lived by other people. I’m very real. Just the other day I bumped my knee on the coffee table in my living room, much like a normal person might.

RO: Well Jaco, it’s quite clear that you do indeed exist, you’ve proved that today. Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and we hope you don’t disappear completely.

JJ: Google: Your message wasn’t delivered to jaco.johan@sarugby.co.za because the address couldn’t be found or is unable to receive email.