Exeter Chiefs fans that campaigned to change branding are not handling the news well
By Rugby Onslaught

Exeter Chiefs fans that campaigned to change branding are not handling the news well

The sun rose on Exeter Chiefs this morning, with their club logo and branding pretty much still there. Exeter Chiefs fans and campaigners that wanted a change do not seem happy at all.

Exeter will continue to call themselves the Chiefs, claiming the name dated back into the early 1900s and had a long history with people in the Devon area. However, as a mark of respect to the recent controversy, they have decided to stop using their ‘Big Chief’ matchday mascot.  

The decision comes after the Gallagher Premiership club came under pressure in recent months following momentum from the Black Lives Matter movement which encouraged people to educate themselves on the significance of race.

Today, fans that campaigned for Exeter to change their branding aren’t happy at all as their crusader for change suffered a sudden bump in the road.

Exeter Chiefs for change, a group that started the campaign released this statement yesterday…

The statement claims that the club are ‘tone deaf’ and sticks two middle fingers up to minorities.

One of the primary campaigners for the change said “you will change the logo and the imagery in the end. There will be no choice.”

Others fans echoed the same hurt sentiments as these fans taking to social media to air their grievances with the club.

LeAndra Nephin of the Omaha tribe of Nebraska says the native American branding is offensive.

In an interview with 5 Live, she spoke about how her rich history is being narrowed down to a stereotype, damaging the mental health of the youth in their community.

The Chiefs argued that the branding is still representative of Devon’s rich culture and therefore will not be dropping the logo or branding from their club.

Fans really are not happy at all.

Other fans of the club were happy to hear the news that the club will be keeping it’s branding despite retiring their mascot. One rugby fan branded the campaign group ‘far left’.

Exeter’s lead campaigner seems to be doing interviews now as well to try and make change happen.