Famous vlogger has no idea how who or how famous Springbok team is when he sees them on plane
By Rugby Onslaught

Famous vlogger has no idea how who or how famous Springbok team is when he sees them on plane

A hilarious old video online has started going viral again, showing the time when a famous vlogger bumped into the Springbok team on a flight from Sydney to Johannesburg.

He was doing a plane vlog showing what the first class part of the flight was like for his fans online.

He had no idea about who they were or how famous they were!

A famous vlogger online called Sam Chui filmed his journey from Sydney to Johannesburg back at the start of 2019. He has 2.9 million subscribers on his channel.

During the flight he sees that there are some rugby players on the flight.

Naturally, he begins to speak to them and he finds out that they are ‘Springbok rugby players’.

What comes next is hilarious as he comes across a raft of famous Springboks like Malcolm Marx and Siya Kolisi without having any idea who they are.

It makes for brilliant viewing.

The comments under the video really show how funny it is!

  • Hey, you realize the guy that was sitting on the stairs while you were speaking to the captain, is actually the captain of the South African rugby team, and they just won the World Cup 😂😂😂😂
  • Sam you’re completely clueless as to who you’re sat with aren’t you? Lol. It’s the Springboks. They’re one of the best teams in the world.

  • Watching this a year later, knowing the Boks are world champions makes the videos 100x better ❤ Springbok team best

  • YOU MET THE SPRINGBOKKE ON MY FAVOURITE FLIGHT?!?! I haven’t been this jealous in years 😂

  • I’m South African, 😊 I loved this video. You’re so lucky that you flew with World Champions. No one knew it at that time obviously. But to us they will always be Champions ❤
  • Wowow South africa rugby players your reallly lucky I’m from south africa and I love the team awesome experience