Fans aren't happy as Courtney Lawes is labelled a 'thug' in distressing new video
By Rugby Onslaught

Fans aren’t happy as Courtney Lawes is labelled a ‘thug’ in distressing new video

Rugby fans do not seem to be happy at all as a new highlight video has labelled Courtney Lawes as a ‘thug’. The video which already has 10,000 views online has drawn a lot of debate online.

The backrower has made a name for himself in rugby for his hard tackling in the sport. However, now Courtney Lawes is being labelled a ‘thug’ by certain sections of the rugby community.

A video released today by Andrew Forde is titled, Courtney Lawes – Rugby’s Biggest ‘Thugs’ quite the headline!

Lawes himself has been in brilliant form for Northampton Saints. He put in this brilliant try-saving tackle at the weekend, showcasing his physical ability.

Andrew Forde is popular for making the “Rugby Thug” series. A series which looks into the darker sides of some rugby players. It is a brilliant series which adds a nice edge to rugby.

However, in this case, it looks like the YouTuber may have received some unhappy feedback as players questioned why he decided to do what he did in choosing this video.


courtney lawes 'thug' courtney lawes 'thug'

The conversation, for the most part, seemed to be quite amicable as fans and YouTubers alike seemed to have quite a reasonable debate about the issue.

Courtney Lawes has landed himself in hot water with online personalities recently. His squabbles with Rugby favourite Squidge Rugby have done him no favours, and he was recently called out for supporting marriage values.

This video mainly shows his late tackles, something which he personally has vowed to stamp out from his game style, so it does make this video seem a bit odd, as we don’t really know if you could consider him a thug.