Ferocious video shows why union players should live in fear of Andy ‘Papa Faz’ Farrell

In rugby union circles many view Andy Farrell as a sort of a stern looking but ultimately benign northern chap who is good at getting rugby union defences in order.

Yet, his past is one of terrifying violence. Few people know this, but Farrell used to play Rugby League. Rugby League is a shortened form of rugby union, in which 13 men tear into each other like wild animals and beat each other until a ref subjectively decides which team is the winner.

The game is exclusively played by violent ex-criminals, who if they weren’t involved in sport would be chronically unemployed and/or drunk in a ditch. Watch closely as Farrell shouts: “Hey! You ****ing ****house” after a ferocious brawl dubbed the: “Good Friday Brawl”.

CREDIT: Wigan Rugby League Old Matches

Now Farrell has been reduced to wisecracking his way through team chats to largely oblivious rugby union players. Some of these meetings have even been interrupted by artificial intelligence, something that categorically never happened in 1990s Rugby League.

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