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FOOTAGE: Maro Itoje destroys Leinster's game plan with one simple trick
By Rugby Onslaught

FOOTAGE: Maro Itoje destroys Leinster’s game plan with one simple trick

This is why Itoje is such a prized player for England and Saracens.


We’ve known that Leinster, tactically are one of the best clubs in the World. They can slow a team down and then switch on the pace at any moment. The ‘caterpillar’ tactic has become very popular of late by teams, shifting the ball further away from the breakdown by creating a link of players at the base of a ruck.

Maro Itoje was having none of this though as we can see here in this GIF. The England second-row decides to pull in the Dublin men one by one, maximising disruption at the breakdown as well as forcing them to use the ball.

We for one welcome this kind of rugby, the grizzlier the better!