'Has he lost a bet?' - social media erupts after Lawrence Dallaglio television appearance
By Rugby Onslaught

‘Has he lost a bet?’ – social media erupts after Lawrence Dallaglio television appearance

If you missed the West Country derby in the Premiership last night – you’d be forgiven for being a little confused when you logged onto social media to see Lawrence Dallaglio all over your feed.

The World Cup-winning Englishman has become a regular on BT Sport’s coverage and he was certainly grabbing his share of the limelight in last night’s show.

In recent hours this has blown up with the former Wasps man now trending on Twitter after images of the 48-year-old went viral overnight.

Lawrence went all out with his look for coverage of Bristol vs Bath with a reverse flat-cap look that certainly helped to engage BT Sport’s viewers.

The look got a mixed reaction online, we at Rugby Onslaught have compiled some of the best memes, parodies and tweets for your entertainment.

Let’s get stuck in!

Some users online thought that the World Cup winning number eight wouldn’t look out of place in East 17

Many online commentators also compared Dallaglio’s backwards flat cap look to of Samuel L Jackson.

The online savagery was unrelenting as the memes and tweets flowed in throughout the night and through till Saturday.

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