Jordie Barrett sent off for sickening 'shoulder charge' which clearly shows his elbow
By Rugby Onslaught

Jordie Barrett sent off for sickening ‘shoulder charge’ which clearly shows his elbow

All Black winger Jordie Barrett was given a yellow card for a sickening shoulder charge on an Australian player in today’s all-important Bledisloe Cup encounter in Australia.

The younger Barrett brother was lucky only to see a yellow after the shocking hit.

The All Blacks are currently dominating the Wallabies in this game, but could it be a different story if they didn’t get the red card. The New Zealanders are being relentless against Australia at the moment.

How can he get away with that when we have seen red cards given for far less in the current rugby climate?

Meanwhile, the Wallabies are doing everything they can to try and get dominated by the New Zealand team. Why is it, whenever they play half decent in a game, they then have to get embarrassed in a game to bring their poor fans back to earth.

Even the most die-hard rugby fans must be exasperated with these performances from the men in gold, who played in their green indigenous jersey today.

Check out the moment when he got away with a leading elbow to the face.

Could the game have been different if he had been given a red and not a yellow for this?

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