Mounting calls for once in a generation rugby series to take place this year
By Rugby Onslaught

Mounting calls for once in a generation rugby series to take place this year

There have been mounting calls in the Rugby World for a once-in-a-lifetime series which would happen in 2021 only.

The calls are asking for a three Team Series which would include three of the strongest teams ever assembled in Rugby.

The teams would include..

  • The British and Irish Lions, a Sanzaar combined team from South Africa, Australia, Argentina and New Zealand and a Pacific Islands team.

With the rugby calendar so unstable this year, many fans feel like this would be an appropriate call to make.

A graphic posted on social media by RugbyPass last week started the conversation about this possibility.

It then lead another account called a Draft Rugby to propose the idea of including the Pacific islands in this series.

The post RugbyPass made garnered 10,000 likes, it just goes to show that there is a  massive amount of interest. The series would take place in New Zealand where there are currently almost no cases.

This would mean all the teams could train together to form a social bubble.

Currently there are real concerns as to whether the British and Irish Lions Tour to South Africa can even take place.

There are so many cases in both the UK and South Africa that there are real worries the tour will not take place in either of those countries.

This would almost certainly be the greatest single test series of all time.