MP for Exeter weighs in on calls for Chiefs to drop Native American branding
By Rugby Onslaught

MP for Exeter weighs in on calls for Chiefs to drop Native American branding

The MP for Exeter has recently shown who he supports in the ever-growing debate around Exeter Chiefs rugby club and their branding.

The club has faced a wave of criticism in recent weeks after calls for the side to remove it’s ‘racist’ and ‘culturally appropriating’ Native American branding – which has been at the forefront of the club’s identity for over twenty years.

A petition has been launched online, calling for the club to undergo a complete rebrand.

The club has been flooded by hundreds of tweets over the last 4 day with individuals asking the club to drop the branding that is linked to Native America.

The new movement started by ‘Ash Green’ is titled – ‘Asking Exeter Chiefs to drop its racist use of Native American imagery & branding’

Within the first hour of the petition being motioned, it received dozens of signatures along with a wave of angry comments from fans.

Here is the petition that was started late last night

The Labour MP for Exeter recently also weighed in on the debate by tweeting the petition on his social media pages.

The caption for his post said, You can find and sign the petition urging #Exeter Chiefs to change its First Nation imagery & branding here.

It adds yet another dimension to the debate as to whether the club should drop the current branding that they have for something different.

Groups have suggested different types of branding for the club that would not be as offensive. This move by the MP for Exeter makes it more likely that Exeter will need to respond to these claims soon.