New video reveals that Martin Johnson was terrifying even when he was young
By Rugby Onslaught

New video reveals that Martin Johnson was terrifying even when he was young

Many rugby fans don’t know what Martin Johnson was like as a player when he was young. The answer is that he was as terrifying as he has ever been!

Many rugby fans know Martin Johnson for his World Cup win in 2003. However, die-hard rugby fans will remember him for just how intimidating he is on the rugby pitch.

A video has surfaced online showing the England legend in an interviewer in 1993, ten years before his World Cup success. He may be young but he still had all the traits that made him such an intimidating player back in the day!

Martin Johnson is known by many as England Rugby’s most successful captain between 1994-2003 with his towering performances for the men in white.

He won multiple Six Nations titles with England before securing the famous World Cup crown in 2003.

Martin Johnson has a legendary status in England for helping the team win the 2003 World Cup…

The lock was seen as an enforcer during his career and this earned him his reputation as one of the most feared men in the sport.

In a documentary released on Leicester Tigers recently, an old player remarked on how the room would go silent when he entered the room because of the aura that he carried on the pitch. dirtiest

This video really does show how aggressive this man was, even in his team talks, he was intimidating to even his own team. Martin Johnson truly is one of the baddest men in rugby.

This video shows a young Martin Johnson back in the 1990’s in an interview after the Pilkington Cup final in 2003.

He scored a try in the match and he looked as terrifying as ever even then! He was just 23 in this video but he was already a firm first choice for Leicester even then!