Passionate rugby coach's secretly recorded pre match team talk is going viral online
By Rugby Onslaught

Passionate rugby coach’s secretly recorded pre match team talk is going viral online

A rugby coach in New Zealand is going viral for giving one of the most expletive-laden, hilarious team talk that we have ever seen in the sport.

Ben Cassidy,  a coach for Glenmark-Cheviot in New Zealand gave the passionate speech to his team after he found that a member of the opposition team had left a sign at his front door.

The anger that you can hear in his voice as this taunt from the opposition team makes for a fantastic video!

It looks like the rugby team talk may have done just the trick as Glenmark-Cheviot won the match against Kaiapoi 32-24.

If you want to see just how angry this coach was in the teamtalk, check this out for what he said…

“This is what I found in my place this morning. I hope like f*** that every one of you boys would be f***ed off that some c*** laid this at my place this morning. F***’s suck. They’ve got one of these f***ing things. I was told on f***ing Thursday night that it would add 10 f***ing points to their f***ing game with this f***ing sign. Well f*** me they’ll f***ing need it cause f*** they didn’t even get off the f***ing scoreboard last time against us c***s. We f***ing dominated these c***s. We f***ing destroyed them. And f*** if they added 10 points, this f***ing thing at my place should add 20 to you c***s. The only thing I want to see with a f***ing ‘K’ is killing the c***s today. We f***ing get into it, we kill the c****s. We don’t f***ing let them f***ing come anywhere near us. It’s knuckles to the ground and f***ing kill them. You had it so f***ing well the f***ing last time you played them, you f***ing drive them. Now don’t mention a good f***ing point there on Thursday night. Don’t worry about those c***s, worry about yourselves. You’re bigger and better than any one of those c***s. Do not let these ‘K’ c***s f***ing have their day. You kill them. You up and f***ing kill all the f***ing time. Every time you think of it up call you think kill. F***ing don’t let any c*** come to my place and put a sign like this anywhere near my f***ing house. F***ing go off and they can get f***ed the c***s. F***ing go do it boys.”