Players react to BLM gestures announcement as some rugby fans backlash
By Rugby Onslaught

Players react to BLM gestures announcement as some rugby fans backlash

As we head into the returning weekend of club rugby in the UK, tensions have yet again risen between fans and clubs over the BLM movement. Rugby fans seem to be lashing out and players and clubs alike are responding.

It was announced this week what measures the different Premiership Rugby clubs would be taking to support Rugby against Racism this weekend.

All clubs seemed to have similar approaches, yet there were some interesting differences in how each club approached the weekend.

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As rugby clubs published their approaches to the weekend on social media, some rugby fans decided instead to make their feelings known with their clubs.

A warning, this is about to become a very toxic article.

You have been warned.

One rugby fans commented that he hopes that the rugby players do not kneel for BLM in the rugby this weekend. Some people have harboured the notion the Black Lives Matter is not a good thing, and that the organisation itself is not clear on many of its goals.

Bristol Bears quickly responded to this on social media with a message of their own.

The message has already garnered over 100 retweets on social media as over 1000 likes.

This response was supported by big swathes of the playing rugby community who were eager to denounce this detractor online. Wasps player Sam Spink spoke about his embarrassment at any rugby fan who would not completely support the measures taken by rugby clubs this weekend.

Other players expressed confusion at the latest measures.

Gloucester front-row forward Jamal Ford Robinson seemed confused with the latest measures, claiming ‘Who decided we’re standing in a ‘V’?’

We would have assumed that rugby clubs would have contacted the players about their moves prior to it happening. So this is an odd move if this is the truth.

Exeter’s head coach Rob Baxter spoke about this in more detail with journalist Chris Jones.

Some fans have not been happy at all with the new measure.