Rugby fans are stunned at the freakish speed of South African rugby schoolboy in new video
By Rugby Onslaught

Rugby fans are stunned at the freakish speed of South African rugby schoolboy in new video

A new video has revealed the freakish speed of rugby players in South African schools. The video supports the argument that South African schoolboys are some of the best specimens for sport on the planet!

A new channel online that we have fallen in love with is ‘Die Hard Rugby’. The videomaker has made some brilliant highlights reels of late primarily focusing on South African rugby and this is just one of them.

There must be something in the water down in South Africa because the players coming out of their are either ridiculously big, strong or fast.

Some schoolboys even dwarf Eben Etzebeth!

In South Africa, schoolboy rugby is one of, if not the best in the world. With the standard of the rugby being played there being some of the best in the World.

Schools such as Grey College, Paul Roos and Paarl Boys High have crowds at their matches that are bigger than Gallagher Premiership or PRO 14 games.

In England a crowd for a schoolboy game could see a crowd of up to 1,000 for a big game. Similarly in New Zealand you may find a crowd of 5,000 for a big big match. In South Africa, however, the schoolboy games are massive spectacles, with crowds of up to 20,000 packing out arenas to watch their team in action.

We are yet again impressed by the Springbok schoolboys here with this video showing the speed of some of the players there.

We are certain that we aren’t imagining things here because the speed of these players blew us away!

What truly amazed us is that even the props and forwards in South Africa are faster than most of the backs in other leagues. We just don’t understand how they are so fast! Freakish speed.

This video truly shows why schoolboy rugby is so dominant!