Sam Burgess launches scathing attack on former teammate in explosive new interview
By Rugby Onslaught

Sam Burgess launches scathing attack on former teammate in explosive new interview

Sam Burgess has hit out at a former teammate in a scathing new Australian interview taken on the Matty Johns Show.

The new comments have caused great commotion amongst fans and critics alike.

Burgess has mixed it up with the best of the best over the years

Burgess moved from League to Union back in 2014, however, the move did not work after England’s unsuccessful World Cup campaign.

Having come from the NRL-winning Rabbitohs, massive hype had surrounded the arrival of Burgess from league into union with the hope of playing his way into Lancaster’s plans for the world finals that were being held in England.

Burgess was recently embroiled in a controversy online with former Bath coach Mike Ford.

Burgess was contracted with Bath through to the end of 2015, but Rabbitohs owner Russell Crowe secured his release overnight and he was quickly on his way back to Australia.  While he was flying, Ford did media in England that was uncomplimentary of Burgess.

tough times for Gatland

This new controversy comes after an argument flaired up with former South Sydney Rabbitohs teammate Issac Luke.

The pair played together in a rugby league campaign in 2014 before going their separate ways.

Luke was heavily criticised this weekend after pictures emerged of him laughing with opposition players after a losing match for his new side Brisbane Broncos.

this image of Isaac Luke drew criticism from Broncos supporters


On being quizzed on the photos Burgess had these scathing comments to make about his former teammate.

“With Issac I can understand because he’s been there for two minutes and probably doesn’t appreciate the situation they’re in,” Burgess said.

“If I was a senior player I would be filthy at that. And I’d to Issac ‘listen mate we don’t do that here’ and then he wouldn’t do it next time.

“It should hurt you to lose a game by that many points, against a lesser opposition and to lose five in a row. I’d be straight in the sheds, I’m filthy.”

Luke responded to these comments from Burgess with a tweet soon after the Englishman’s interview.

He later followed up this with another tweet with a message directed at his former teammate.

Sam Burgess replied with this tweet of his own after reading Luke’s message to him

It would appear that the pair are well on the way to putting this episode behind them.

Those league boys ay!