The Bledisloe Cup used to be absolutely brutal
By Rugby Onslaught

The Bledisloe Cup used to be absolutely brutal

We’ve unearthed this classic footage from the Bledisloe Cup and it shows just how brutal the fixture used to be.

This video features two legend playmakers who dominated World Rugby for years – Stephen Larkham and Carlos Spencer.

This is the Bledisloe Cup at it’s brutal best.

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This footage comes from a time when the Bledisloe Cup was at it’s most competitive back in the summer of 2004.

The Wallabies were still one of the strongest forces in World Rugby and the All Blacks were going from strength to strength on their way to becoming the world’s number 1 side.

This video shows a moment when tensions got more than a bit heated between the sides fly-halves in the early stages of the encounter.

We see as Larkham runs the ball out of play as he’s chased off the pitch by Spencer – who’s looking to get the ball back for his side.

Things escalate very quickly – even a pitchside photographer get’s involved!

Watch the brutal dust-up below

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