The World's Most Controversial XV and it's actually brilliant

The World’s Most Controversial XV and it’s actually brilliant

We neither condone not endorse the behaviour of any of these players. The various controversies around them range from minor to actually illegal.

15 Israel Folau

No need to explain this one. Apparently he’s in the news a bit recently. Not so keen on same-sex partnerships.


14 James O’Connor

Arrested for possession of coke with Ali Williams in Paris in 2017, but has been keeping his nose clean since.

13 Karmichael Hunt

Another Aussie. Karmichael’s had more illegal substances in his body than a homeless hippie.

12 Kurtley Beale

Embroiled in more recent dramas after being filmed with a group of people, some of who were snorting white powders up their noses. Has enjoyed himself a little too much down through the years.

11 Zac Guildford

Poor Zac. One of the few on the list for whom his demons have truly curtailed his career. Multiple drunken incidents have dogged Zac over the years, most recently crashing a bike in Thailand.

10 Paddy Jackson

Was found not guilty of rape in a Belfast Court last year, but he continues to incur the wrath of the ‘Me Too’ movement online and a return to Ireland still seems a long way off.

9 Aaron Smith

Caught riding an ex-girlfriend in the bog at a New Zealand airport – behind the back of his partner.

8 Billy Vunipola

The up until now popular England and Saracens forward and arguably the best No.8 in the world has let his beliefs get the better of him of late.

7 Amanaki Mafi

He and an accomplice beat the living **** out of 6’4, 126kg Lopeti Timani after he apparently said something out of turn on a night out.

6 Jerome Kaino

The All Black blindside was left embarrassed after he was caught cheating on his missus with a former model. She was an absolute stunner to be fair.

5 Bradley Davies

In 2011, Bradley Davies has been arrested for a brawl at a Welsh holiday resort. He wasn’t charged.

4 Gerbrandt Grobler

Failed a drug test and served a two-year ban, until the Irish media decided to make a big deal out of it several months after he signed for Munster.

3 Kyle Sinckler

While he’s plenty of scraps on the pitch, he managed to get in trouble off it too. Was arrested on a night out in Auckland in 2017. He wasn’t charged.

2 Chilliboy Rapelle

Tested positive for banned substances earlier this year. For the second time in his career.

1 Sami Panico

The Italian prop was arrested last year and charged after being found with a proper amount of drugs in his garden shed.