WATCH: Danny Cipriani's nullification of Marcus Smith proves that he's robbed of an England spot

WATCH: Danny Cipriani’s nullification of Marcus Smith proves that he’s robbed of an England spot

Please please read/watch all of this before you type anything…

Harlequins took on Gloucester this weekend in a tie between third and fourth. It was also an interesting chance to watch Danny Cipriani and Marcus Smith take each other on. Both of these players appeared to be fighting for selection as third choice fly-half behind Owen Farrell and George Ford.

In the clip below, we are aware of the fact that Marcus Smith, as a defender is NOT expected to shadow Cipriani, it was just not possible.

But what it does show, is an attacking genius that Smith has not had this season, and which Cipriani simply oozes.

Smith, as is expected of someone so young, isn’t the kind of player to dominate a match making sure players around him are doing their jobs. Cipriani does.

Just look at this piece of filth from the Gloucester 10 earlier in the game. Nobody else would do this?!

I’m sure you will all have something to say, we welcome that.