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Wayne Barnes releases a never seen before clip of Nigel Owens doing his pre match prep and it's hilarious
By Rugby Onslaught

Wayne Barnes releases a never seen before clip of Nigel Owens doing his pre match prep and it’s hilarious

An unseen clip of Nigel Owens in his pre-match prep has just been released and it is utterly brilliant, displaying his routine for games that he officiates.


World-class referee Wayne Barnes posted the clip of the welsh referee on his social media today to commemorate him reffing yet another Champions Cup final.

The post was captioned.

This weekend my mate Nigel Owens will ref his 845th ChampionsCup final. Amazing achievement. Nige, to celebrate I thought you could share your pre-match prep with the world. Pob lwc & go well!

It’s brilliant as you can seem to hear the song Village People by Y.M.C.A in the background.

Nigel Owens is known by many rugby fans around the globe for his authority and brilliant rugby knowledge. Because of this, he has become known as one of the best rugby referees of all time. Nigel Owens masterfully manages players!

Nigel Owens is known for his dominating aura on the pitch, but in this video, we also saw how the Welshman also used selective language to make sure that players and his team were on the same page as him.

Rugby fans were giving him a lot of love online:

  • That’s exactly why Nigel Owens is the best RFU referee in the world. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
  • Nigel is an absolute shining light in the game. A fantastic referee and human being.
  • Nigelrefowens gets a raw deal off some English fans & Rugby fans in general but i gotta admit i like him keep being you
    Don’t know why Nige divides opinion. Still the best out there. Wayne Barnes too and if you haven’t heard Joy Neville is going to top them all.