World Cup city guide - Fukuoka nightlife
By Rugby Onslaught

World Cup city guide – Fukuoka nightlife

At night the coastal city of Fukuoka turns into a colourful, vibrant place where the bright lights reflect off the river to create colourful scenery.

Head to the riverwalk in Nakasu to grab dinner at the famous ‘Yatai’ outdoor eateries where you can pull up a chair next to a local and try Japanese market delicacies. The streets of Nakasu Island will be glowing with neon lights as you eat.

If you can, find a Mitzutaki restaurant to try a famous ‘hot pot chicken’ where you can cook raw ingredients in boiling water right in front of you. With a few beers, this is the perfect dinner for a group setting.

In this district, you can find some of the best nightclubs in Fukuoka after filling your belly at the Yatai stalls. For more nightclubs, head to Oyafukodori in Tenjin or for boutique bars head to Daimyo the next district over.

RugbyPass city guide – Fukuoka nightlife: