World Rugby release full New Zealand vs England semi revealing moment All Blacks knew they couldn't beat England
By Rugby Onslaught

World Rugby release full New Zealand vs England semi revealing moment All Blacks knew they couldn’t beat England

World Rugby has just released footage of England’s 19-7 semi-final victory over New Zealand and my god is it just what we wanted. New Zealand knew they couldn’t beat England at this pivotal moment.

They are the first outlet to air full uninterrupted footage of that fateful day all in crisp high definition for our viewing pleasure.

Re-live one of the greatest moments in rugby history as king Faz and his merry men dismantle the All Black juggernaut in one of the greatest sporting upsets of all time.

When we watched the game live along with thousands of other viewers online, we came across the moment when New Zealand realised that they could not beat England.

It was in the final five minutes just before half time.

This is normally the time when the All Blacks are at their most deadly. In the past the men in black have scored either side of half time, changing a game in minutes.

However, if you look at the footage here, you can see that the exact opposite happened, with New Zealand unable to break England down.

In the clip below, you can see how desperate the All Blacks are to score, yet the England defence is incredible.

Look at the All Black reaction as this happens.

The full replay of this match can be seen in this video and it really is great for us all the able to view this brilliant match.

Hopefully they release the final next week as well!

The All Blacks went into this game on the back of an incredible eighteen match World Cup winning run. No one gave England a chance. As Sir Eddie reminded us all.

It took just 01.36 seconds for Manu Tuilagi to England’s try-scoring account leaving New Zealand players and fans alike in a dazzled state of shock.

Pubs and clubhouses around the land were rocking when New Zealand finally lost to England.