Final whistle scenes as Uruguay win first RWC game in 16 years
By Rugby Onslaught

Final whistle scenes as Uruguay win first RWC game in 16 years

What a win by Uruguay, a side Fiji beat by 60 points in November.

The scenes on the final whistle were truly emotional.

CREDIT: World Rugby

Comments from Player of the Match Felipe Berchesi (URU) after Uruguay defeated Fiji 30-27 at Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium on Wednesday.

“We’re a really proud nation and we work together as a team. I’m really proud of the boys. (It was a) great effort to win.”

On kicking the 75th-minute penalty that put his team eight points ahead of Fiji:
“I was thinking to myself to treat it just like in training, as if the stadium was empty. I had cramps in my legs so I focused on kicking like I do in training, and aiming for the middle, inside the posts. It went through, luckily.”

On what the win means to Uruguayan rugby:
“It’s unreal. We lost 60 points against them in November. They made several changes against us today. It’s outstanding. It’s a really good day for Uruguayan rugby today.

“I hope everybody could see that, and everybody joins to play rugby in Uruguay. We need more players.

“We’re a really small union but we keep showing the world that we’re in a good place and they have to support us because we’ve proved ourselves strong today.”