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Mitre 10


Fans are stunned at the incredible speed of a linesman in a rugby

Fans are astounded at the incredible speed that a linesman showed in a Mitre 10 Cup match in New Zealand last weekend. The clip online has gone viral on Twitter! The Linesman could be seen catching up with the players despite their being a 20-yard head start for the players on the ball. The Bay […]

mitre 10

Fans amazed by physics defying kick in this morning’s Mitre 10 clash

Mitre 10 fans were wowed this morning by one of the best tactical kicks ever seen on a rugby field. Northland met Taranaki in the New Zealand based competition in what had been a hard fought encounter with the scores standing at 15-10 before this incredible moment. We see as Taranaki fly-half, Stephen Perofeta, receives […]

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