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Shocking footage emerges of Richie Gray being stamped

This isn’t a good look, but to be perfectly honest, being stamped on is pretty common in the Top 14. French rugby at club level is notoriously brutal in terms of fighting and all around fracas. The fact that Richie Gray got stamped on in the chest here after illegally holding on to a player […]


New Charlie Faumuina video exemplifies everything that a Prop in rugby should be

Our love for Props has never wavered. When we see videos like this it only reinforces our belief that Props are one of the finest specimens to grace the earth. Charlie Faumuina is a massive prop for Toulouse and New Zealand and this supercut that dropped really exemplifies the skills that are needed to be […]

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WATCH: Toulouse have an unknown Number 8 who could become France’s next legend

French rugby may very well have found the next big number 8 in the form of Selevasio Tolofua. The man whose heritage descends from the French Island Wallis and Futuna is a potentially massive prospect for the French national team. The Toulouse 8 is set for big things. Tolofuna has been pivotal for Toulouse in […]

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