About Us

Many of our followers may wonder, who is Rugby Onslaught, who do we support, where are we from?

We seek to answer this all here.

I started out on this venture many years ago, a fan who was unhappy with the way rugby was reported on.

From my humble basement, I set the world to right, reporting on rugby from a different perspective, a fan’s perspective.

Our methods of reporting are groundbreaking, from the shadows.

Many may wonder who we support. We support no team. If you were to ask which team I support then I would tell you that the team I support is rugby.

Where do we live?


We report on rugby from all around the globe, but it is not just the games we report on. We will throw our hat into any ring, even if it involves getting our hands mucky in the world outside of the sport.

Many will think we are ‘trolls’ or ‘click bait’. In reality, we are none of those things.

RO shows no mercy to any team in rugby if they have made a mistake. Fans can’t seem to handle that. They will give us abuse and call us names. We can handle that.

Rugby, and sport in general is its purest when fans can say whatever they want as long as it’s not taken too far.

We are pioneering in how we report rugby. Seriously, we break many stories before other rugby outlets from our basement bunker. The location is undisclosed.

We are always happy to speak with our followers, we are on great relations with many of you. Thank you for the tips you send us as well!