Pro 14

Southern Kings

Out of control prop chooses to abandon clothes mid-game

Southern Kings prop Pieter Scholtz throws caution to the wind and abandons his clothing mid-game. The Southern King’s prop lost his jersey in the middle of the pitch but it didn’t stop him tearing down the pitch at pace. The Isuzu Southern Kings dominated possession and territory in the first half and forced Connacht to […]


Ospreys rep kicks off at journalist for asking a question about Ospreys

Yep, it’s a biazzare as the headline would make out. The Ospreys management got mad at journalists for asking a question about Ospreys. Absolute joke… For anyone out the loop, Ospreys sacked their head coach this week, but didn’t announce it anywhere. Journalists asked them to confirm if he had been sacked and they got […]

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