New Zealand post spine-tingling hype video for new All Black Super Rugby Series
By Rugby Onslaught

New Zealand post spine-tingling hype video for new All Black Super Rugby Series

New Zealand has released a spine-tingling hype video online today as they prepare for a All Black only Super Rugby tournament which will commence later in June.

The tournament is set the only feature New Zealand, will take place over 10 weeks and it will include some new rules too!

The hype has already been growing around the tournament.

Super Rugby in New Zealand is set to return on June 13 in Dunedin with a number of fresh innovations such a golden point for tied matches, the replacement pdf red carded players and stricter application of the breakdown laws. 

The new competition will feature some new rules.

If a match is tied after 80 minutes of regular time, the result will be decided by golden point. The first team to score – by drop goal, penalty kick, or try – during a ten-minute period of extra-time will take the win and earn four competition points.

Super Rugby released a sensational promo to get fans and players hyped for the tournament which will begin on the 14th June.

The new laws will make the tournament far more exciting!

If a team loses via golden point, they can still earn bonus points for scoring three or more tries than the opposition in either regular time or extra time.

Points allocation:

  • 4 competition points to the winning team;
  • 1 competition point to the losing team;
  • 2 competition points to each team if neither team scores during extra time;
  • 1 competition point to any team scoring three tries or more than the opposition. All Black Super Rugby.

Switching to the red card initiative, players who receive a red card can be replaced with another player 20 minutes after they are sent from the field. The sent-off player cannot return to the field and will face SANZAAR’s existing judicial process. There is no change to the yellow card sanction.