Attempted try against Euro giants will give every Ireland fan flashbacks
By Rugby Onslaught

Attempted try against Euro giants will give every Ireland fan flashbacks

Sorry Oyonnax, but the trick you tried at the weekend against Top 14 champions Toulouse was done twelve years ago, and it is kind of a one time only try.

When Mike Phillips ran in for a try against Ireland in Cardiff in 2011 after receiving a quick lineout from the wrong ball, we all knew that mistake was not going to happen again. But all credit to Oyonnax who tried it at the Stade Charles-Mathon on Saturday. To be fair to them, they almost pulled it off as well.

Flanker Kevin Lebreton went in for the try after receiving a pass from Darren Sweetnam, who had in turn received a quick lineout from teammate Enzo Reybier. The only trouble is, the ball he threw in with was clearly not the ball that was kicked into touch, as that happened to still be in Toulouse fullback Matthis Lebel’s hands.

A quick lineout can only be taken with the ball that was kicked into touch, but some quick thinking from the ball boy and Reybier meant the newly promoted outfit almost pulled the wool over the referee’s eyes. However, plenty of protesting from Lebel (with the ball still in his hand) meant the try was eventually chalked off.

Toulouse were leading 10-0 at the time, so it would have got the hosts right back into the game. In fact, had the try stood they might have actually won the game as they only lost by six points in the end, 27-21.

Take a look at the try:


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Oyonnax: 15. Sweetnam; 14. Stark, 13. Farrell, 12. Millet, 11. Reybier; 10. Soulan, 9. Cassang; 8. Grice, 7. Credoz, 6. Lebreton; 5. Fabrègue, 4. Kornath; 3. Oz, 2. Durand, 1. Raynaud (cap.).
Replacements: 16. Leiataua, 17. Mirtskhulava, 18. Lebas, 19. Fifita, 20. Ruru, 21. Bouraux, 22. Mensa, 23. Berthaud.

Toulouse: 15. Lebel; 14. Tauzin, 13. Costes, 12. Guitoune, 11. Retière; 10. Searle, 9. Graou ; 8. Roumat, 7. Ntamack, 6. Banos; 5. Meafou, 4. Fa’asalele; 3. Franks, 2. Cramont, 1. Neti (cap.).
Replacements: 16. Boubila, 17. Ainu’u, 18. Vergé, 19. Placines, 20. Castro Ferreira, 21. Barassi, 22. Delpy, 23. Merkler.