American watches rugby and can't believe what he's seeing
By Rugby Onslaught

American watches rugby and can’t believe what he’s seeing

The Youtube sub-genre of American’s watching rugby for the first time is one that never fails to entertain and this video from Gabos Reacts fits neatly into the category.

In the spotlight, Gabos Reacts takes on Andrew Forde’s ‘I’m Him’ compilation, a rugby masterpiece crafted from the most exhilarating moments in our proud game. As the video unfolds, Gabos Reacts experiences a roller-coaster ride of emotions – from jaw-dropping tackles that rival action movie stunts, to blistering sprints down the field that leave defenders in the dust. The reactions are genuine and infectious, highlighting the universal appeal of rugby’s heart-pounding clashes.

Thankfully, there’s very little Springbok action in the video too, as apparently being boring doesn’t tend make compilation videos.

With each bone-crunching hit and gravity-defying try, Gabos Reacts becomes a convert to the world of rugby, mirroring the journey of countless other first-time viewers.

The video not only encapsulates the essence of rugby’s excitement but also underscores the sport’s growing popularity beyond its traditional strongholds. As the virtual applause and thumbs-up pour in, this reaction video serves as a testament to the power of rugby to captivate and exhilarate audiences from all corners of the globe.