"Ben is streets ahead of Tom” Steve Diamond drops shocking bombshell on Curry brothers
By Rugby Onslaught

“Ben is streets ahead of Tom” Steve Diamond drops shocking bombshell on Curry brothers

Sale Sharks’ head coach Steve Diamond has made an outrageous claim about the playing ability of Sale Sharks back-rower, Ben Curry, claiming that he is streets ahead of his twin brother Tom Curry.

Ben Curry is the twin of England star Tom Curry, and he plays alongside him for his domestic club in Manchester.

Tom has been lucky enough to play for England recently after strong performances in the 2019 Six Nations and the World Cup. However, many rugby fans claim that Ben is actually the more talented twin, and it seems his Sale Sharks coach thinks that too.

Sale’s head coach Steve Diamond was speaking to Sky Sports rugby this week, on Will Greenwood’s podcast.

In an incredibly interesting interview, Diamond spoke about in terms of with Sale, Ben is streets ahead of his twin brother.

“Ben’s streets ahead. Because they’re 21 and I think Ben’s played, what, 100 games for Sale’s first team which is unbelievable. And Tom’s played 53, 54. So actually, getting your money back, Ben’s delivered every time for us.”

We have struggled to lay down any solid highlight reels on Ben Curry, there certainly is a room in the market for a comprehensive highlight reel to be made on him.

This video showing him tearing apart the Argentinians for the Under 20s a couple of years ago show just how effective that he can be.

If you had any doubts about the incredible skillset that Ben Curry has, then check out this chip forward that he made for Sale a couple of years ago.

Let us just remind you that he is a back row!