Former England captain Robshaw's hilarious encounter with fan
By Rugby Onslaught

Former England captain Robshaw’s hilarious encounter with fan

It’s not very often that a player has to insist to a fan that they are themselves, but Chris Robshaw found himself in that position recently.

The former England shared an encounter he had with a fan this week, who was insistent that he was a doppelgänger. Robshaw wrote on Twitter: “On the train and someone just told me how I looked like Chris Robshaw, I told him I was. He didn’t believe me and continued to tell me all about him and how he’s playing in America and doing some coaching bits.”

To be fair to this fan, the 35-year-old did spend the first half of the year in the United States playing for San Diego Legion in Major League Rugby, but the season ended at the beginning of August with the LA Giltinis winning the competition.

Unfortunately for Robshaw, this was an injury plagued season, in which he dislocated his shoulder twice and was also operated on. He has clearly returned though, in case anyone else thought there was a Robshaw lookalike on the loose.