Freak hit in Australia branded most damaging of all time
By Rugby Onslaught

Freak hit in Australia branded most damaging of all time

Every once in a while there is a tackle so ferocious and so brutal that it actually makes anyone watching it wince in pain, and there was certainly one in Australia at the weekend.

In a match in Western Australia’s FMG Premier Grade between Joondalup and Rockingham on Saturday there was a tackle so hard that it could well have moved Earth off its axis.

The tackle was made by Rockingham’s No21 Sione Losa Anau, who can be seen bursting from the edge of the screen like an Exocet straight for the midriff of Joondalup No13 Ryan Mcgloin. It was one of those perfectly timed tackles that came just as the carrier was shaping to pass and may have relaxed their body ever so slightly. But with someone sprinting at you full pelt, that is always dangerous.

The Joondalup man crashed to the deck after what the commentator described as a “very legal, very hard tackle.” He was still on the floor when the video ended, but the fears were that he may have hit his head when landing, so the rugby world will be hoping nothing serious came from the tackle.

Take a look at the hit:

Joondalup came away 27-12 winners in the end. Take a look at the teams:

Joondalup Premier Grade XV
1 Conrad Bezuidenhout
2 Jack Grimley
3 Jean-Pierre Mostert
4 Herman Olivier
5 Matthew De Beer
6 Maikali Rabaro
7 Ryan King
8 Kyle Barker
9 Joshua Wells
24 Connor Allen
11 Name Witheld
12 Daniel Redmond
13 Ryan Mcgloin
14 Daniel Ala
15 Daniel James

16 Charlie Budwee
17 Duncan Mcisaac
19 Josiah Marks
21 Xavier Squire
22 Camron Ngatai
23 Alex Tredoux

Rockingham Premier Grade XV
1 Feaomoeata Talivakaola
2 Jordan Hanson
3 Callan Matenga
4 Name Witheld
5 Jasper Lewis
6 Name Witheld
7 Joshua Nevin
8 Ethan Cayless
9 Matthew Griffiths
10 Josh Hanson
11 Tevita Sifa
12 Micheal Briggs
13 Jayden Briggs
14 Name Witheld
15 Name Witheld

19 Manatu Vaka
21 Sione Losa Anau
23 Dudley Cortland
24 Suauu Andrew Teli
25 Suliasi Mafile’o