Ireland robbed of try of the Six Nations by monster tackle
By Rugby Onslaught

Ireland robbed of try of the Six Nations by monster tackle

There was a brief moment on Sunday at Musgrave Park where Ireland under-2o turned into prime All Blacks with a ten pass passage of play that took them from their own half to just metres away from England’s line.

After hooker Gus McCarthy popped the ball up in sight of the line, it looked as though scrum-half Fintan Gunne was about to score the try of the Championship- not just the Under-20 Six Nations, the entire Six Nations. But England centre Joe Woodward had other ideas.

The centre raced across the field and produced a tackle that not only stopped Gunne before the line, but actually forced a knock on.

Take a look:

15 Henry McErlean
14 James Nicholson
13 Hugh Cooney
12 John Devine
11 Hugh Gavin
10 Sam Prendergast
9 Fintan Gunne
1 George Hadden
2 Gus McCarthy
3 Paddy McCarthy
4 Diarmuid Mangan
5 Conor O’Tighearnaigh
6 James McNabney
7 Ruadhan Quinn
8 Brian Gleeson

16 Danny Sheahan
17 George Morris
18 Fiachna Barrett
19 Joe Hopes
20 Liam Molony
21 Oscar Cawley
22 Harry West
23 Andrew Osborne

15 Sam Harris
14 Cassius Cleaves
13 Rekeiti Ma’asi-White
12 Joseph Woodward
11 Tobias Elliott
10 Monty Bradbury
9 Charlie Bracken
1 Archie McArthur
2 Finn Theobald-Thomas
3 Afolabi Fasogbon
4 Danny Eite
5 Lewis Chessum
6 Finn Carnduff
7 Greg Fisilau
8 Chandler Cunningham-South

16 Nathan Jibulu
17 Asher Opoku
18 Tim Hoyt
19 Rob Carmichael
20 Tristan Woodman
21 Aneurin Nye Thomas
22 Sam Worsley
23 Joe Jenkins