James Haskell is renting his house on Airbnb during the World Cup
By Rugby Onslaught

James Haskell is renting his house on Airbnb during the World Cup

James Haskell just LOVES a pound note, doesn’t he? In an Instagram post today, former England and Northampton back-row announced that he would be renting the house whilst he was away in Japan for the World Cup.

Haskell is known to be a very industrious individual, recently promoting the likes of CBD oil and organic under armour.

In the Airbnb listing it said:

“As I make my way over to Japan for the rugby, Chloe and I have chosen to list our home as we want to offer all those rugby fans that can’t make it out to Japan a unique experience for one of the biggest sporting moments of this year.

Guests will get the opportunity to come stay at my beautiful home in the heart of the rolling Daventry countryside, kick off their rugby boots, and enjoy watching the matches from the comfort of my sofa.”


The comments that were under his Instagram post were funny to say the least, with many commenting on how James is always on the hunt to be successful.

Some of the comments included said:

“Nothing he won’t promote for a few £££😂😂 Chloe will be next.”

“You will do Anything for money. 😂”

Haskell said this in his Airbnb bio…

“Hi, James here! I’m an internationally renowned athlete and professional rugby player, with experience playing at the highest level all around the world. My rugby career has seen me play for leading teams in London, Paris, Japan and New Zealand, and to date I’ve earned 77 International Caps for England. Having recently retired from professional rugby, my passion for nutrition and training has led me to develop a cutting-edge, dynamic fitness brand. My ongoing career in rugby (despite me no longer being on the pitch) and developing my fitness brand gives me the chance to see the world and now, while I’m away and with the support of Airbnb, I am looking forward to opening the doors to our home to allow fellow rugby fans to enjoy their own unique experience.”

The listing for the property has already been filled up so it seems that Haskell’s decision to put his listing of the house on social media paid off. The house was up for less than 24 hours before someone accepted the offer.

Many fans that can’t travel to Japan for the World Cup shall be watching the tournament from the comfort of their own homes. It will certainly be a novelty to watch it from the home of an ex-England international. Haskell sure is a grafter.