LEAKED: Footage emerges of Dan Carter's 40 yard dash as star seeks NFL kicking contract

LEAKED: Footage emerges of Dan Carter’s 40 yard dash as star seeks NFL kicking contract

Footage has emerged that appears to show former New Zealand fly-half Dan Carter testing his 40-yard dash for NFL tryouts. There has as of yet been no word from the Japan Top League on whether their star signing is destined for a move to the US, but the video below shows almost irrefutable that the 36-year-old has taken inspiration from Christian Wade’s decision to go across the Atlantic.

In 2015, the Patriots allegedly attempted to sign Carter as their kicker, but it appears Carter has now taken the plunge and is in the process of trialling for an American-based team.

To add more fuel to the fire, it appears that Carter is preparing to leave the Japanese side after this tweet from this week appears to be more of a goodbye than a thank you.

More information shall, of course, be given on this hot news.

Below is special footage that has emerged of Carter doing his 40-yard dash in what can only be assumed was an attempt to be a secret trialling area.

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