'He's massive': Manu reveals the 'scariest' Tuilagi brother
By Rugby Onslaught

‘He’s massive’: Manu reveals the ‘scariest’ Tuilagi brother

You would be hard pushed to find a more legendary rugby family than the Tuilagis, not simply due to the sheer number of professional rugby players they have but because how terrifying they all are on the pitch.

The family boasts six international players, five of which played for Samoa (Freddie, Henry, Alesana, Andy and Sanele) and one for England, Manu. And they all weigh over 100kg- comfortably.

The family is so legendary that a photo of five of the brothers went viral a few years ago as Manu was dwarfed by all of them. That is 110kg international powerhouse Manu, being made to look minute.

Here was the photo:

So one of the most intriguing questions in world rugby is who the scariest brother is. Well Manu recently revealed all on BT Sport. While strapped to a lie detector, the Sale Sharks centre was quizzed by host Craig Doyle a series of questions ranging from who would win in a fight between him and Chris Ashton and whether he could beat any of his brothers.

“Do you think you could beat any of your brothers in a fight,” Doyle asked.

“No, I’d try, but…” Manu responded.

Doyle replied with: “Who’s the scariest at the moment?”

“Definitely Henry,” Manu replied without a moment’s hesitation. “He’s massive. He’s always been big, but he’s big now he’s not been playing for a while.”

Well there you have it- Henry is the scariest Tuilagi, and his legacy is going to continue through his son Posolo, who at the age of 18 is already playing in the second-row for Perpignan and has represented France under-20s. Weighing in at 149kg, he is also the heaviest Tuilagi in professional rugby so far, which is quite an achievement.

Watch the interview here: