Louis Rees-Zammit times himself over 100 metres
By Rugby Onslaught

Louis Rees-Zammit times himself over 100 metres

Welsh hunk and heartthrob rugby player Louis Rees-Zammit has filmed himself over 100 metres and he’s recorded a very decent time.

The brave Welsh rugby sensation known for his lightning-fast pace on the field, has recently turned heads with his self-timed 100-meter sprint, clocking a scarcely believer time, with a stopwatch. While this unofficial timing may raise some eyebrows, it’s impossible to overlook the extraordinary athleticism and speed that Rees-Zammit brings to the rugby pitch.

His remarkable speed has been a game-changer in international rugby, allowing him to outpace defenders and score crucial tries. Rees-Zammit’s acceleration and top-end speed make him a formidable weapon in open play, and his ability to cover ground swiftly has left opponents in his wake.

While the stopwatch timing might not hold up in an official track and field event, it underscores the undeniable fact that Louis Rees-Zammit possesses a rare blend of pace and agility that sets him apart in the world of rugby. As he continues to develop and refine his skills, fans can expect to witness even more breathtaking moments from this young rugby prodigy on the field.

What make his time even more impressive is that it’s on a 6’3, 95kg plus frame.

A lot of rugby fans talk absolute rubbish about 100-metre times and don’t appreciate that to go on under 11 seconds – especially as a rugby player – you are very rapid.

People claim that Habana could run 10.4 but that is total nonsense and has never, ever been corroborated.

If you leave aside all the in-video advertising, this is quite a good video and it gives his exact time.

Players like Carlin Isles from the USA, the “Fastest Man in Rugby,” has clocked incredible sprint times.

England’s Jonny May possesses rapid acceleration and top-end speed. Meanwhile, New Zealand’s Rieko Ioane and South Africa’s Cheslin Kolbe are celebrated for their agility and lightning-quick footwork. These speedsters add excitement to the game, leaving defenders struggling to catch up as they race toward the try line.

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