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MONSTER: Video surfaces of 6'8, 168kg former NRL player that wants shot at the NFL
By Rugby Onslaught

MONSTER: Video surfaces of 6’8, 168kg former NRL player that wants shot at the NFL

They call him the “Thunder from Down Under”. Jordan Mailata is certainly a big boy, and the fomer NRL prop now wants a shot at the NFL.


Apparently, he runs a 4.9 40 yard dash which is pretty impressive for a human of that size. The Rabbitohs apparently got him down to a respectable 145kg, but he’ll presumably be allowed to balloon back up in lard obsessed NFL should he make a team.

“Playing with him in the under 20s, you just had to give him the ball 10 metres out and no one could stop him from that close to the line,” Rabbitohs halfback Adam Doueihi told “Last year he was unstoppable, and he actually hurt a few kids because he was such a big kid.”

According to the NRL website a former Rabbitoh teammate said: “I think he came in at 160kg or something crazy like that and he is about 6-foot-8 tall. Apparently, he is going good over in the States, they reckon the tests he has done are through the roof and they have never seen someone like that so I am really happy for him.”

CREDIT: George Ghazal