Rugby world shocked at the sight of Dupont's face as he returns to France squad
By Rugby Onslaught

Rugby world shocked at the sight of Dupont’s face as he returns to France squad

France captain Antoine Dupont took a step closer to a miraculous recovery this week when he returned to training with France just days after having a metal plate inserted into his face.

The scrum health fractured his cheekbone against Namibia in France’s third game of the World Cup and has left the entire nation sweating over his participation in the rest of the competition.

It is highly likely that he will miss the game against Italy this week, but there are hopes that he will return for France’s quarter final match, which is likely to be against the reigning champions South Africa. That may or may not be with a mask around his face.

But the France star took a step towards making that match this week when he returned to training, although he looked a little worse for wear.

In a video shared by France, the 26-year-old was seen in training with an enormous black eye on the right side of his face where he was hit. He was wearing a cap to maybe make it less obvious but it is quite extreme, which is understandable so soon after fracturing his cheekbone. Then again, if this is the only sign of damage he has, he’s done pretty well out of this entire ordeal.

Other than his eye, Dupont looked well in training as he was running about and passing. The outcome of the World Cup may well depend on whether he is fit to face the Springboks or not. With him, they are probably favorites to win that match, but without him the advantage will surely go to the reigning champions. The race is now on to see if he will be able to make it as he has just under two weeks.

Take a look at Dupont’s face in training: