Owen Farrell in yet more trouble as fans call him out for another 'grub act'
By Rugby Onslaught

Owen Farrell in yet more trouble as fans call him out for another ‘grub act’

By now most of the rugby world has seen Owen Farrell’s high tackle on Wales’ Taine Basham which resulted in the England captain being red carded, casting his World Cup participation into doubt, but what plenty might have missed out on was something he did much earlier in the game which could have an even worse knock-on effect.

This incident came in the first half and concerned Wales hooker Dewi Lake who limped off the field injured. Since then, fans have called Farrell out for his dubious rucking, as the Welshman could well miss the World Cup with a knee injury.

This is far less clearcut than his tackle on Basham, as there were a lot of factors at play. Yes, it was poor rucking by Farrell, but the involvement of Henry Arundell and Ben Earl at the ruck meant Lake was driven into an awkward position which led to the injury. It is not necessarily the same as the flyhalf launching his shoulder to the head of a player. Then again, plenty of fans do not see it that way and have called out the Saracen for injuring Lake with a crocodile roll.

Here are some of the comments online:
“While your at the disciplinary WorldRugby make sure Owen Farrell gets the same time out as Dewi Lake does. Putting the head hunting to one side, he’s dived at a lower limb and clearly caused injury to Dewi Lake.”

“Not only did Farrell get sent off he also cleaned out Dewi Lake from the side and twisted his knee with all his body weight going onto Lakes knee. That could be his medial ligament injured and out of World Cup. I hope I’m wrong.”

“It was also his careless croc role clear-out that may well cost Dewi Lake his World Cup. Farrell is careless and entirely selfish on the pitch yet he’s gone unpunished his entire career until now.”

“Owen Farrell biggest helmet in world rugby, shoulder to the head and also cleared out Dewi Lake from the side and potentially screwed his knee.”

“If Farrell plays more than a pool game at RWC and Lake/Basham miss entirely due to his recklessness then it’ll be the final nail in the games coffin around integrity.”