Rassie's incessant drinking is worrying fans
By Rugby Onslaught

Rassie’s incessant drinking is worrying fans

South Africa’s banned director of rugby Rassie Erasmus looks to have created a new drinking game which he is sharing with his followers on social media while he serves his time in exile.

The rules of this game seem fairly simple, as it looks like you have a different drink for every problem he had with Nic Berry’s performance when South Africa faced the British & Irish Lions this year. So far he is on four drinks/ problems, so there is a long way to go for him.

While Erasmus’ Bacchic exploits have drawn a lot of attention recently amongst fans, he made the news today for slightly more conventional reasons, as both he and South Africa Rugby apologised to the match officials from the first Lions Test and withdrew their appeal.

Their statement reads: “SA Rugby and Rassie Erasmus wish to apologise to the match officials appointed to the first Test of the Springboks’ Series against the British & Irish Lions.

“We also confirm that SA Rugby and Erasmus have advised World Rugby that they withdraw their Notice of Appeal and will not lodge an appeal against the sanctions imposed by the Judicial Committee.

“This has been a highly stressful and charged environment with unusual pressures placed on all concerned and we have no wish to prolong that experience for anyone.

“We have drawn a line under the incident and only wish to look forward. We will respect the outcomes of the hearing, allowing our national teams and rugby operations to plan with clarity for the coming months.”