Rugby fans have been left perplexed by the divisive views of former Wales star Ian Gough
By Rugby Onslaught

Rugby fans have been left perplexed by the divisive views of former Wales star Ian Gough

Some rugby fans have been left bemused and perplexed with some of the controversial views that former Wales lock Ian Gough has given of late.

The 64 times capped second-rower has been vocal with his strong opposition to the lockdown amongst other things and it’s certainly divided some rugby fans.

Gough has been vocal recently in supporting moves to end social distancing and mask-wearing as well as opposing mandatory vaccinations.

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The former Ospreys lock retweeted this post recently rallying supporters to an anti-lockdown mass protest

It doesn’t take long when scrolling though the Grand Slam winning lock’s Twitter to see how opposed he is to all aspects of the UK government’s response to the current pandemic.

We see here a post that he retweeted that is allegedly from a firefighter – criticising guidelines put in place for emergency workers who are called out to help people during the pandemic.

Gough has strongly opposed the government’s policy on mask-wearing. It’s clear from reading though the former Wales star’s Twitter feed that he is critical of the lockdown’s effect on the UK economy especially.

Ian Gough retweeted this post that opposed the use of face masks which are being worn in shops and public transport in the UK

He recently responded to a posting from his former club, Ospreys, that showed their changing room set-up for last their Pro 14 match up against the Dragons.

Gough wasn’t pleased with the rules put in place for his former club

This rugby fan felt that Ian Gough’s views made him an “unhinged conspiracy nut”.

The esteemed second-rower is highly regarded in Wales and regularly commentates for the BBC.

Since retiring from rugby he’s excelled in other areas of life – one, in particular, being flying!

check out this video of the Wales star in the skies


What do you think? Are Ian Gough’s views extreme or reasonable? Let us know.