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Shocking new footage reveals that Owen Farrell has been social distancing since last October

Shocking new footage reveals that Owen Farrell has been social distancing since last October

Shocking footage has now revealed to the World that Owen Farrell was somehow social distancing since before the outbreak of Coronavirus even began.

In a sensational new reveal, footage points to the fact that the England captain may have somehow knew what was going on as early as October of last year, and he made special measure even during the World Cup to make sure that he was adhering to the special social distancing measures that have been outlined worldwide.

We found footage from the rugby World Cup final which shows us that Owen Farrell was making sure that he kept his distance from other rugby players, so as to avoid contracting Covid-19…

We always knew Owen Farrell was ahead of the curve but this is amazing.

In this clip below if you look at Owen Farrell you can see that he makes sure that he keeps at least an arms distance from Cheslin Kolbe to avoid the virus.

It’s incredible to see how Farrell knew to be so cautious so early on in the outbreak…

Here you can see he made sure not to get his face too close to Kolble, instead he just left him slide through his fingers, which we hope he thoroughly washed before and after this…

social distancing

While we’re here, we thought it would be worth reminding our rugby fans to wash their hands!

You should wash your hands:

  • after using the toilet or changing a nappy
  • before and after handling raw foods like meat and vegetables
  • before eating or handling food
  • After getting burned in the World Cup final
  • after blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing
  • before and after treating a cut or wound
  • after touching animals, including pets, their food and after cleaning their cages

Keep all this in mind and you will be fine lads and ladies!