South Africa schools match accidentally creates new rugby code
By Rugby Onslaught

South Africa schools match accidentally creates new rugby code

We have rugby union, rugby league and rugby sevens, but the world was crying out for a new rugby code and thankfully Paul Roos Gymnasium listened.

Up against SACS in a South African schools match recently in Stellenbosch, the school created the newest code of rugby, although this was largely down to a week of heavy rainfall in the Western Cape.

We have normal volleyball and beach volleyball, normal polo and waterpolo, we even have normal wrestling and mud wrestling, so it was about time that mud rugby was added to the mix.

The laws of mud rugby are not too dissimilar to normal rugby union, but the key difference is that it is played in a pool of mud rather than grass, if you had not guessed.

The scenes at the Markotter field were outrageous at the weekend, as the entire centre of the field was a mud bath with not a blade of grass in sight, making kit colours, let alone numbers on kits, irrelevant. The greatest challenge in this new code is actually for the referees, who somehow have to differentiate between 30 people who all look the exact same while also trying to work out where the lines on the field are. Rucks basically turn into one enormous chocolate cake where almost anything goes.

Paul Roos will go down as the first ever winners of mud rugby, winning the match 26-7.

We have all seen muddy pitches before, but none quite as bad as this one.

Take a look at the match: