Spain nearly beat All Blacks in secret game in Madrid
By Rugby Onslaught

Spain nearly beat All Blacks in secret game in Madrid

Spain very nearly beat the All Blacks in a secret game in Madrid this weekend, a game New Zealand head coach Ian Foster was desperate that the world wouldn’t hear about.

Bad choice, Ian, it’s out there. 40,000 rugby fans got wind of the match and forced their way into the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid.

Apparently, the All Blacks are trying to squeeze in extra practice matches before the Rugby World Cup next year in France and this game proved that they are far, far off the mark.

Spain, who were disqualified from next year’s Rugby World Cup for messing around with ineligible players again (AGAIN), pushed the New Zealand hard, scoring the first try in the game and going on to score plenty more before it was done.

What made it even worse is that New Zealand fielded an ineligible player in this match! Isaac Boss started at nine, and he definitely played for Ireland for years. Clearly, the All Blacks set-up is way off the pace if they didn’t even realise this glaringly obvious fact and no one even bothered to check!

What is even weirder about this game is how old some of the All Blacks players are. Many of them are in their 40s. It’s clearly time that Foster blood some new players, and his team is aging dreadfully.

Don’t get us wrong, we rate experience but this was completely taking the mickey.

A few Spanish players were interviewed after the match and one was quoted as saying ‘This New Zealand team was surprisingly weak. Ian Foster really needs to change up his thinking ahead of the Rugby World Cup’ and ‘We, Spain, want to emulate the Springboks, who cheated their way to victory in the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. That’s why we cheated to try to get into France!”

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