The 5 Rugby Documentaries that you need to watch during Lockdown 3
By Rugby Onslaught

The 5 Rugby Documentaries that you need to watch during Lockdown 3

As the UK begins Lockdown 3, and the rest of the Europe looks set to follow suit, we look at what rugby documentaries you need to watch during the next few weeks to give you occupied!

Chasing the Sun – South Africa World Cup-winning documentary

Quite the possibly the best thing to have come out of 2020. Supersport created the incredible documentary looking at the 2019 World Cup win for the Sprinboks.

The 5-part episodic series has in-depth interviews with many different South African players and staff as they look back on their iconic victory.

The thing that sets this apart from other rugby documentaries is the pure emotion that they manage to capture in this series.

Where to watch it: If you live outside of South Africa, you’re going to struggle to watch the documentary legally. Your best shout would be to see if there are any avenues to watch it when they release it globally, hopefully sooner rather than later!

Certainly our top choice for rugby documentaries that you need to watch.

Sweet Chariot – About the Golden England rugby generation

Another sensational England rugby documentary which surprisingly not a massive amount of England fans will have seen.

The documentary series looks at the Golden England generation between 2000-2003 when the England rugby team was at the height of its powers.

England rugby

The 90-minute long documentary focuses primarily on the team’s Grand Slam-winning campaign in 2003, just before the World Cup in Australia.

We managed to find the entire documentary for you, if you are keen on watching the documentary yourself when you get a chance!

Maybe not the best option for you if you’re not English, but it still gives a good indication of what the sport is like back in the early days of the sport becoming more professional.

Oceans Apart: Greed, Betrayal & Pacific Rugby

A must watch, former Samoa player Dan Leo goes in-depth looking at how corruption and deceit have impact islander rugby. The islands supply most of the elite rugby players on the planet, however, they get almost no reward from it.

This documentary takes a deep dive into the what exactly has happened to the Island nations in rugby, and why they aren’t getting a fair crack at the whip.

Where to watch: You can watch the documentary on Amazon Prime UK.

The Season: Brisbane Boys College – Australian schoolboy rugby

One of the standout series for us in 2020, we did not expect to find this as entertaining as we did. The documentary has seven episodes, following Brisbane Boys College as they aim to win the GPS rugby competition in Australia for the first time in Seventy years.

rugby documentaries

The producers of the show were granted unprecedented access to the school, which means you really get to see all of the emotion as the team push to win the Championship.

Where to watch: The entries series of ‘The Season – Brisbane Boys College’ can be found on the RugbyPass YouTube channel.

Weight of a Nation – All Black 2011 World Cup documentary

Old but gold.

This documentary series looks at the New Zealand rugby team as they won the 2011 World Cup. Brilliant watch couldn’t recommend more.