The incredible weight that Ngani Laumape is lifting in the gym for the All Blacks
By Rugby Onslaught

The incredible weight that Ngani Laumape is lifting in the gym for the All Blacks

The weight that All Black powerhouse Ngani Laumape is amazing rugby fans around the World. The clip of the Hurricanes man bench pressing is going viral online.

Many know just how powerful the New Zealander is, but look at just how destructively efficient he is in this video as he lifts almost 200kg of weight!

The 28-year-old is currently one of the top All Black players at the moment.

Laumape managed to lift a whopping 170kg, which to clarify for everyone, is the equivalent of lifting the weight of Tongan Thor, the Australian prop!

Most rugby players can probably bench press around 110kg at best, so this is by no means a normal weight to be lifting even in rugby terms.

The clip showing the centre lifting this incredible weight is going viral on social media.

He has ridiculous power.

The All Blacks are just coming hot off one of their biggest losses ever in the sport, not because of the scoreline, but because it was their first-ever loss to the Pumas.

New Zealand will now need to put in a top tier performance in their next few games to salvage back a chance of winning the Tri-Nations, they would probably still be considered favourites despite back to back losses in the competition.

The Breakdown in New Zealand had egg on their faces this week as well when they swatted aside any chance of Argentina being able to beat New Zealand.

It will be a funny clip this week when they have to admit that they were actually wrong on this!

This is what you call bad karma!

We will be monitoring the Tri-Nations as it continues over the next weeks so be sure to keep an eye on our coverage on Rugby Onslaught!